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Certificate of NRTL USA

OSHA, an affiliated institution of US Department of Labor, requires safety certificate of equipment used in the industrial site for workers' safety certified by nationally recognized testing laboratory.
There are 18 institutions(QAI, UL, TUV, etc.) are registered at NRTL. For equipment export to the US, it is required to receive certification through one
of these institutions designated by OSHA US.

QAI ASIA obtains the same technology and authority with QAI HQ, which is possible for more instant and accurate certification compared
to other companies.
If received a certificate label from NRTL certified institutions, it is easier to receive approval for equipment operation as AHJ does not need
to go through inspection.

UL508A Testing Service

It is the most economical equipment verification
service for export to US, which issues a test report
of UL508A compliance, the standard of US electrical
safety through the review of technical document.
It is available on all types of equipment, and it solves
local risks of export to the US after conducting
UL508A evaluation in Korea.

  • Possible to conduct with in-house engineers
Field evaluation

It is a labeling service followed by checking UL508A
compliance, the standard of US electrical safety.
QAI ASIA conducts field evaluation and labeling
process through QAI, local NRTL certified institution
in the US, after consignment of technical document

Batch Listing (LIMC)

It is a labeling service of QAI official label after
evaluation of standard compliance through technical
document review in Korea, which is available on all
types of equipment.

  • Possible to conduct with in-house engineers
  • Initial business trip required

For equipment exported to the North American region, there are multiple methods of certification and conformity evaluation as above.
It is significant to choose a proper method depending on the feature of equipment and budget.
QAI ASAI provides the optimal solution depending on the current situation of enterprise.

Certification Inquiry

Please consult QAI ASIA specialist for the latest standard information and further certification inquiries.