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Certificate of SCC Canada

Electrical and electronic products and equipment distributed to Canada are required to be certified by SCC Canada-certified institutions in accordance with Canada Electric Code. QAI is a SCC-certified institution,
which can integrally support market by conducting necessary certification in the North American market including USA and Canada.

Canada SI Evaluation (Special Inspections)

Electronics and equipment distributed in Ontario, Canada are required to receive ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) certification. QAI ASIA provides SPE-1000 site test, which hass the same authority with ESA.
We solve all risks through pre-inspection of technical document and conduct labeling process through site inspection of QAI Canada.

  • Instant process (Result expected the day after the evaluation)
  • Suitable when the immediate approval is needed after installing product
  • Cost-effective compared to certification
  • Site evaluation MSI(Medical Special Inspections) of Canada medical equipment available
Certification Inquiry

Please consult QAI ASIA specialist for the latest standard information and further certification inquiries.