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SEMI Evaluation Service

SEMI is a safety standard that is applied to industrial equipment such as semi-conductor, FPD, and other related equipment.
It is applied to the equipment that uses chemical substances, X-RAY, and toxic/flammable substances.

QAI Asia engineers, trained with specialized education on seismic resistant design, safety technology for laser and chemical substances,
and tracer gas test, conduct SEMI evaluation.

  • Certification of semi-conductor, LCD display production equipment
  • Certification of SEMI S2, SEMI S6 Tracer gas Test, SEMI F47 Test, SEMI E78 Test
  • Certification of earthquake-resistant design & certification of chemical substance safety
  • Certification of explosive hazard section & certification of blast resistant design

It is a test to assess the performance of displacement system of semi-condoctor
equipment that uses flammable or toxic substances. It conducts evaluation on
enclosures that is installed with displacement system and that may have a leak source
of gas or liquid chemical substances such as valve. QAI ASIA provides advisory to
semi-conductor equipment providers to design in accordance with the common
performance standard through SEMI S6 test and helps users to understand required
conditions of displacement system.


It is a resistance criterion test of instantaneous voltage sag of semi-conductor equipment
proposed by SEMI. It evaluates resistance caused by power fluctuation whether the
semi-conductor equipment is properly operated without malfunction even if there is
a changed circumstance in the industrial site such as instantaneous voltage drop.
It is passed if the tested equipment is properly operated during the F47 test.

Certification Inquiry

Please consult QAI ASIA specialist for the latest standard information and further certification inquiries.